Use these pages to explore guidance and global data for reporting and implementation of biodiversity-related conventions.
Work to maintain and update this library is ongoing (led by UNEP-WCMC, supported financially by the EU). To recommend a new resource for the library, click here . To provide feedback, please leave your comments via the questionnaire pop-up below. The resources in this library build on 3 'compendia' of guidance originally developed under the project "Supporting implementation of CBD COP decision XIII:24" jointly implemented by UNEP-WCMC, UNEP, and SCBD. These original collections have been supplemented with miscellaneous resources to create this interactive, searchable resource library. Start your search by selecting the filters to the left or by selecting a reviewed collection of resources from the following:

  1. Compendium of guidance on key global databases related to biodiversity-related conventions (2018/2023)
  2. Compendium of guidance for capturing, managing and using data and information (2018/2023)
  3. Compendium of guidance on achieving synergies among biodiversity-related conventions at the national level (2018/2023)