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D7: Global phytosanitary research coordination

D7: Global phytosanitary research coordination

A voluntary mechanism for global phytosanitary research coordination, to accelerate development of science to support all regulatory phytosanitary activities

Desired 2030 outcome:

An analysis of international phytosanitary research structures and policies has been conducted to explore how far international coordination of plant health research could help countries to avoid overlap in research activities and to utilize research resources in the most efficient and effective manner. Possibilities for establishing an international phytosanitary research collaborative structure have been explored and, if appropriate, the structure has been established.

Activities to be carried out during 2020–2030 could include the following:

  • analyse existing international research coordination policies and structures;
  • explore the benefits of developing an IPPC policy and structure for international research coordination, especially with regard to determining the role of RPPOs in such coordination;
  • adopt an IPPC international research coordination and policy and structure;
  • establish, if appropriate, an international phytosanitary journal for publication of phytosanitary research findings.