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CIC: Communication & international cooperation

CIC: Communication & international cooperation

The communications efforts of the Commission are aimed at ensuring understanding of the potential for serious negative impacts from introduced pests worldwide. This must be understood not just by the plant health community but also by key audiences such as the general public, national governments, and decision makers (policy and financial) if it is to be recognized that plant health is an important national and global priority that justifies and receives appropriate and sustainable support.

These communication efforts are guided by the IPPC communications strategy. The four objectives of the IPPC communications strategy are to:

  • increase global awareness of the importance of the Convention and of the vital importance to the world of protecting plants from pests;
  • highlight the role of the Commission, supported by the IPPC Secretariat, as the sole international plant health standard setting body with the objective of helping to ensure the safe trade of plants and plant products;
  • improve the implementation of ISPMs;
  • support the activities of the IPPC Secretariat’s resource mobilization programme.


2030 key result areas:

CIC 1: The IPPC Secretariat is effectively communicating phytosanitary issues and the importance of plant health.

CIC 2: The IPPC Secretariat successfully cooperates with other international organizations and global forums to further increase the visibility of the Convention and its objectives in international policies.

CIC3: The IPPC Secretariat is effectively coordinating with FAO to ensure that national or regional FAO offices play an important role in the implementation of the IPPC and its standards.